October 25, 2017

Temptations are a challenge within the life of every Christian.  In principle, no temptation to sin should ever appeal to a Christian.  However, the reality is our physical bodies and minds are subject to desires, desires which could lead us to sin (cf. James 1:13-15).  Every Christian should strive to maintain control over their own desires, and thereby, overcome all temptations to sin. 

In Luke, chapter 4, we see the devil tempting Jesus on three different occasions.  Not only can we read about the temptations, but we also see a categorization of sin as well as how to overcome the temptations to sin. 

We are currently studying through Luke's gospel account.  We hope you can join us today for another Truth Factor Discussion.  Our study will begin at 11:00 AM CT. You can click on "Live Video" to view and participate in our live discussion.

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On our next Truth Factor Discussion, we will continue our study through Luke's gospel record, continuing through chapter 6.  John will be leading us through this chapter.

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