November 29, 2017,

Well, another holiday has passed us by.  While I enjoy holidays and spending time with my family, getting back to work and my various studies is nice.  The Truth Factor Discussion is one of the highlights of my week.  There are two purposes behind TFD.  The first purpose is personal. I appreciate studying God's word with other preachers, other students of God's word. Quite often, such a study will help me see things I have overlooked or understand passages in a way I had missed. The second purpose of our weekly study is to be of some assistance in your study through God's word. We are so thankful for your willingness to join us for our weekly studies.   

We hope to see you virtually present at our next study!

Have a wonderful day!



Our next TF Discussion . . .

Next Discussion:  March 28, 2018!

On our next study, we will continue our look at Luke, chapter 11.  

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