September 27, 2017

Jesus, the Word, is eternal (John 1:1-5). He has been and will always be. Jesus, the Word was made flesh and dwelt among men (John 1:14).  His life in the flesh was short-lived, not exceeding the age of 33 years.  However, during these 33 years, and mainly the last 3 years, Jesus laid the foundation for His covenant and sacrificed His own life to make possible salvation from sins. 

Approximately 30 years after Jesus' death, a man named Luke determined to help reinforce his friend's faith.  Luke "investigated everything carefully from the beginning" writing out in "consecutive order" so Theophilus could "know the exact truth about the things" he had been taught (Luke 1:1-4, NASB).

We are currently studying through Luke's gospel account.  We hope you can join us today for another Truth Factor Discussion.  Our study will begin at 11:00 AM CT. You can click on "Live Video" to view and participate in our live discussion.

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Next Discussion:  October 25, 2017

On our next Truth Factor Discussion, we will continue our study through Luke's gospel record, beginning with chapter 4.  Eric will be leading us through this chapter.

Join us live at 11:00 AM CT by clicking on the "Live Video" button in the menu.