Donahue – Myhan Debate

What do you think of Jesus on the cross?  Do you view Jesus as taking on the guilt of all mankind’s sin when He died on the cross, therefore leading God to forsake Jesus at the point of death?  Or do you view Jesus as simply being the perfect sacrifice for man’s sins, not bearing any guilt, but paying the price through His death?  These questions are very good Bible questions leading to the question, “What does the Bible say?”

Tonight will begin a two night debate on this very subject.  Here is the information taken from:

Short Description:  Debate on Penal Substitution.

Long Description:  Propositions:  On the first night Pat Donahue will affirm and Bob Myhan will deny: “The Bible teaches that in his death Jesus took our sins upon Himself as our substitute.”  On the second night Bob Myhan will affirm and Pat Donahue will deny: “The Bible teaches that Jesus of Nazareth, while on the cross, was not forsaken by His heavenly Father.”

While this debate will be recorded, the Truth Factor website has set aside a special viewing page.  While we have no actual part in this debate, due to some previous technical issues, we offered the following additional page for the purposing of viewing the live stream: . The debate will begin tonight at 7:00 PM CT.

If you get the opportunity, this should be a very informative debate to watch.



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