On Today’s Truth Factor Discussion

Good morning!

After a week off due to illness, we are ready for another Truth Factor Discussion.  On today’s discussion, we will resume with 1 Corinthians, chapter 14, verse 26.  In this section of our text, the apostle Paul reminds the brethren of the primary purpose behind using the gifts of the Holy Spirit during the worship services.  This overall purpose leads to certain rules by which the gifts were to be used.

You can join today’s Truth Factor Discussion beginning at 11:00 AM CT (5:00 PM UTC) by going to: live.truthfactor.com. We have a chat room for your comments and questions.  We also offer both an audio only page as well as a mobile page.

We hope you can join us today as we factor the Truth of God’s word into our daily lives.

Have a wonderful day!

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